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Hello I'm Ginette, I do graphic design, art, illustration and surface pattern design.


Here on my blog you can see the pictures i've been making, stuff I've been up to and the inspiration I found in fun places like Whistler, Canada and Oxfordshire, England.


You can also view my portfolio for more of my design work, find out about bespoke wedding stationary and take a look at the cards and prints for sale in my shop.

By Ginette, May 9 2019 10:00AM

The moorhens are busy bringing up babies on our pond and here they are running on the lilypads in my 2019 calendar.

By Ginette, Apr 30 2019 02:00AM

This is a really fun window display I created for Velveteen in Notting Hill. I built these big letters out of cardboard boxes from round the back of BnM and lots of glue gun action and coloured paper we then hung them in the window for the opening party of Velveteens new childrens clothes shop.

By Ginette, Apr 29 2019 12:00AM

Just when it lookedl ike winter was over I managed one more snowboard trip to Morzine with Mint Snowboarding and it was a whole lot of fun in the sunshine on my Prior board.

By Ginette, Apr 29 2019 12:00AM

Happy St George's day! Here's the April page of my 2019 calendar, featuring a pattern I designed last year for the Make it in Design summer school 2018 'fiesta folk' brief. I got inspired by English folk iconography from Pearly Kings and Queens, Morris dancers, countryside traditions and the mysterious three hares symbol.

Although most people in England probably don't celebrate St George's day - and often associate the English flag with football hooligans or small-minded nationalism - he is actually a well-travelled, international patron saint and hopefully sometime we can reclaim St George as a welcoming symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism in England✌ "We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than the things that divide us"- Jo Cox

By Ginette, Apr 10 2019 12:00AM

These are some illustrations I drew for Bee.Watch - an app and website to promote communication between pesticide users and beekeepers.

The app also lets people quickly report bee swarms for local beekeepers to collect, as well as tracking the Asian Hornet.

Although some harmful insecticides such as neonicotinoids have been banned recently, there are still alot of chemicals which haven't been thoroughly tested for their effect on insects, humans and the environment. Particularly the combinations of multiple chemicals, often used for pesticide spraying. This should be the job of chemical manufacturers and governments to prove their chemicals are safe to use.

Pesticide users can go on the app or website to alert local beekeepers, so they can close their hives and prevent bees flying into possibly deadly chemicals.

By Ginette, Mar 27 2019 09:00AM

Here's a recent project I illustrated for lovely kid's brand Velveteen clothing. A sticker sheet featuring some favourite SS19 styles to create whole outfits including hair and shoes! With space for some colouring-in too.

By Ginette, Mar 12 2019 01:00AM

This is my islands pattern on the March page of my 2019 calendar. Inspired by the highlands and islands of western Scotland.

By Ginette, Feb 5 2019 09:07PM

Wishing you prosperity and happiness in the year of the piggy! Here's a quick pattern I drew in ink of some very clean pigs, where's a big puddle of mud when you need it?