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Hello I'm Ginette, I do graphic design, art, illustration and surface pattern design.


Here on my blog you can see the pictures i've been making, stuff I've been up to and the inspiration I found in my current home Whistler, Canada.


You can also view my portfolio for more of my design work, find out about bespoke wedding stationary and take a look at the cards for sale in my shop.

By Ginette, Jan 3 2018 08:43AM

Sending out a big thankyou to everyone who bought charity Christmas cards! All the money raised went to Homeless Oxford, so lots of people could enjoy Christmas and keep toasty and warm.

By Ginette, Nov 17 2017 12:21AM

Christmas cards for sale!
Christmas cards for sale!

Here are my new Christmas card designs for 2017. The Star Quilt collection is inspired by cosy patchwork quilts with festive star patterns and the Leaf Snowflakes collection features wintery leaves and berries in lovely snowflake shapes, all in a bold modern colour palette. They are available in my shop, printed in England using recycled materials and proceeds wil go towards giving homeless people a warm Christmas.

Photographed in my garden with some lovely autumn leaves!

By Ginette, Dec 2 2015 01:08AM

I have made my own Christmas cards for a long while, and now I worry that my friends would be offended to receive anything else. So here are my Christmas cards for 2015! Each of the four designs is inspired by a wintery poem, which was a great opportunity to daydream about lovely snowy places, starry skys and frosty mornings. I also took inspiration from cosy patchwork quilts, knitted jumpers and woolly blankets. The cards are available in the shop with all proceeds going to charity.

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