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Hello I'm Ginette, I do graphic design, art, illustration and surface pattern design.


Here on my blog you can see the pictures i've been making, stuff I've been up to and the inspiration I found in fun places like Whistler, Canada and Oxfordshire, England.


You can also view my portfolio for more of my design work, find out about bespoke wedding stationary and take a look at the cards and prints for sale in my shop.

By Ginette, Jun 13 2016 03:07PM

Here is a screen print I made recently of a tranquil spot in my friend Lucy's garden by the river Thames in South Oxfordshire, it's the perfect place to sit with a refreshing beverage and watch the sun go down. I also used this on the front of a pretty wedding invitation design I have been working on for an eclectic outdoor wedding this summer by the river. This screenprint is available in my shop!

By Ginette, Apr 27 2016 05:52PM

The Shire, screenprint
The Shire, screenprint
The Bird House, screenprint
The Bird House, screenprint

It's getting to that time of year when the rapeseed fields turn really bright yellow back home in the shire, which inspired the colours in this three colour screen print 'The Shire'. I layered the blue and yellow to make the satisfying shade of green. The print also features conker tree blossoms and red kites in the sky. And Didcot Power Station, which appears on the horizon whenever I'm nearly home. The cooling towers are being knocked down so I thought it should be preserved on paper! This print is available as a greetings card and original screenprint in my shop.

"It is the color of ripe lemons and of egg yolks." I found this wonderfully poetic description of the colour yellow is from the fountain of knowledge that is Wikipedia. How lovely!

The final picture is another screen print I made a few years ago called 'The Birdhouse'. It also features some nice horse chesnut leaves, and the layers of blue and yellow to make green. Plus a cute little house for bluetits to live in.

By Ginette, Nov 30 2015 01:30AM

This is a screen print that I made a while ago. I used hand cut paper stencils to keep the design really simple. I was looking at old matchbox labels for inspiration, which I love for their simplicity and clever designs. Printing methods meant only limited colours could be used which creates really bold images.

This scene is the bottom of the ski run into Canazei, a very pretty town in the Dolomites, Italy. It is a view that content skiers admire after a good day up the mountain. In the winter the stream is frozen and the gnome hibernates in his cave, hidden by snow. In the spring, the stream comes back to life and when the snow melts the gnome can be see spring cleaning his cave. I think he has been vandalised in recent years so luckily is captured here on paper for posterity.

The Home Run, screenprint
The Home Run, screenprint