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Hello I'm Ginette, I do graphic design, art, illustration and surface pattern design.


Here on my blog you can see the pictures i've been making, stuff I've been up to and the inspiration I found in fun places like Whistler, Canada and Oxfordshire, England.


You can also view my portfolio for more of my design work, find out about bespoke wedding stationary and take a look at the cards and prints for sale in my shop.

By Ginette, Jan 23 2017 08:59AM

The first full moon of the year was pretty in purple here in Whistler, it was also approx. minus a million degrees celsius, flippin' chilly!

By Ginette, Nov 20 2016 08:32AM

The other day I went on a really fun hike to the train wreck near Function Junction. We followed the Cheakamus river with dramatic forest and waterfalls then found the old wrecked train carriages in the woods, covered in always-changing colourful graffiti. My friend Hannah has written all about our hike on her blog Bear Stories with lovely photos and lovely words, plenty more adventures to come on there.

By Ginette, Nov 20 2016 06:28AM

Here are a couple of illustrations of Whistler. There are idyllic little cabins around every corner, and I spotted this one looking across Alta lake, with a canoe on the jetty and the descending snowline on Blackcomb mountain behind. Hopefully soon Whistler village will have a nice blanket of snow.

By Ginette, Nov 17 2016 07:30PM

Last week in Whistler I went with chums to the Re-use It Centre, an amazing thrift store with anything you could want or need; retro ski gear, niknaks, cooking utensils and plenty of crutches for injuries on a budget. But what we really needed was exact change for the bus fare to get there, so the first purchase was a change collecting pot for future bus journeys. So we got the Sharpie markers out and I decorated mine with the forests and mountains and lakes that i'm going to visit when I collect lots of change. It turned out quite well so I made a little pattern collection too called 'Ticket to Ride'.

By Ginette, Nov 7 2016 11:03PM

I have arrived back in Whistler, Canada. It is damp and rainy, but there is lots of exploring to do before the winter arrives, to see forests and lakes and things like that. This is an illustration of some explorers and a rushing waterfall.

By Ginette, Oct 3 2016 10:14PM

Winter is coming, and here are some winter landscape illustrations with a few photos from Whistler, Canada. I was looking at retro travel posters and paint by numbers landscapes for inspiration. The first illustration is an inuksuk at the top of 7th Heaven, inuksuks are Inuit stone landmarks built for various reasons, but my favourite purpose I have read about is to remind travellers that they are not alone and they are on the right path, which is nice. The second illustration is the view from Big Red Chair going up Whistler mountain, it's a really long chairlift, but with some friends on a sunny day it's a pretty good way to travel. The last photo is the glorious early morning view from the Whistler village gondola, full of excitement and anticipation.

By Ginette, May 10 2016 11:27AM

A badge I've been working on inspired by the great outdoors. The background picture is from a sunny spring hike with some lovely people to a splendid waterfall near Whistler, Canada back in March.