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Hello I'm Ginette, I do graphic design, art, illustration and surface pattern design.


Here on my blog you can see the pictures i've been making, stuff I've been up to and the inspiration I found in fun places like Whistler, Canada and Oxfordshire, England.


You can also view my portfolio for more of my design work, find out about bespoke wedding stationary and take a look at the cards and prints for sale in my shop.

By Ginette, Jul 31 2019 03:00AM

I cut out more big cardboard letters to create this hand made themed window display for the Velveteen summer sale in Notting Hill. We then used coloured masking tape to create a colourful background for the mannequins. Sticking the tape inside the window and then outside going down onto the pavement, as if the stripes are escaping into the world.

By Ginette, Jul 17 2019 03:00AM

This was a really fun project on the SS20 trend of bugs! I made many hand-made, hand-painted, glittery, sequined, gluey bugs, butterflys, dragonflys, ladybirds and stag beetles. These are currently decorating trade shows for next year.

By Ginette, Jun 27 2019 06:00AM

This was a really fun window display to do for Velveteen in Notting Hill, London. I used chalk pens to create this indian style archway over the whole window, taking inspiration from all kinds of carving, fabric, buildings and paintings from India, the middle east and Morocco. I watched a programme about amazing Uzbekistan wood carving. I also cut out many, many shiny gold stars to fill the summer sky.

By Ginette, May 15 2019 09:00AM

Here is the spring window display I worked on for Velveteen in Notting Hill, London. We made buckets full of daffodil windmills, cotton wool clouds and bright yellow paper swallows hanging from the ceiling.

By Ginette, Apr 30 2019 02:00AM

This is a really fun window display I created for Velveteen in Notting Hill. I built these big letters out of cardboard boxes from round the back of BnM and lots of glue gun action and coloured paper we then hung them in the window for the opening party of Velveteens new childrens clothes shop.