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T-shirt designs

Bonus Clothing Co is a personal project inspired by retro sportswear to create Whistler Blackcomb souvenir t-shirts.


I created the Dolomiti Appreciation Society logo to be used on seasonnaire hoodies when I worked in the Dolomites, Italy. It is inspired by the recognisable peaks of the Sassolungo rock. It has been worn by season workers and locals alike for the past 7 years. The range now includes tshirts, sweatshirts and stickers.


The Slowcoaches are a fun cycle touring group, I have designed t-shirts for their annual cycle trips around the UK featuring the bold, recognisable smiley bike logo on the back.


I designed a range of t-shirts for The Nook of the North gift shop in Whistler, Canada. My aim was to create something a bit different, with a fun retro theme.